Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweet Nothing

Remember my post on Monday (or was it Friday???)
About the heart problems? Turns out it was NOTHING. Okay it was something, PVC (not piping post ventricle something) but basically it was "nothing is wrong with you"
I was and still am like "ohhhh, all that suffering over nothing? Thanks." :(
I know I should be grateful, but I've been preparing for something bad and to have it be nothing is like bracing yourself on a roller coaster. You expect the next hill to be perfectly horrifying but instead what you get is a lame little dip that doesn't even make you blink. Kind of a let down and good waste of a couple weeks. Next time something like this happens my smart little mouth is staying closed, not worth the money or the worry, especially if its nothing.
I'll leave the whining to my characters, :) they have more of a reason to whine than I do. :)
And the worst part is, it's not over yet, I get to see another doctor who is going to say the same thing (prediction) oh well once I get over being angry at nothing (and guilty because I've wasted my parents' money, oops) it'll be okay. I'm miffed over nothing (haha get it?)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just another Thursday

I've gotten a little stuck. Again.
I just finished a book and now I don't know what to write. It's very sad. :( I'm wavering between writing a new draft for an old book or a new book, can't decide which. :)
Also, the new class that I'm going to sucks as bad as the one I left. People seem more interested in getting hit in the head with a pile of bricks than talking to me. I quit, after this year is done, I'm DONE with that school. I'm going to a new one and can officially say, "good bye!"
Yeah, it's that bad.
Oh and sad news, I'm still having heart problems. It's getting kind of scary, especially since at night, I can't breathe properly without a fan blowing cold air in my face, which is reasonably cold and I get to go to the doctor's again tomorrow. Yay, at least it means I can have an excused absence for the class that is torturing me. Yes, it's true, I'd rather be at the doctor's than there, is that hint about how bad it is?
So that's 'bout it. I'm a little cranky with English, and History. I'm sick of writing essays and learning about things that happened while someone talks in a monotone. Monotones have never been cool, ever. :)
Oh and I have a new picture for my tabs thingy, the dragon is cool, but you only see half of it, (the rear half even!) when it's on Blogger, so I'm switching to a new one, and here are the pictures of my boot heel that popped of last week.

Yeah, this is my hand. Meow right?

And here's my new picture for my blog
I rather like it. Shows my independence for NOT matching my socks. :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Miracles

I know for the past few days I've been writing really negatively, but not this time this time I have happiness to write.
Right away I need to inform you that I'm a Christian, I believe in a Heavenly Father and Divine Son, Jesus Christ and most importantly I believe that they care deeply for us ( the fact that I'm writing this on my iPod while walking around and haven't tripped on my face is proof of that!) anyway, I've had a little miracle that I want to tell you guys about, first off I need to say that I'm a boot person I collect those suckers like vintage and one day whilst I was walking around in my backyard wearing one of my fave pairs a lovely pair of combat boots the bottom part of the heel fell off and I didn't realize it until much later when I noticed that my footprints looked really weird, I didn't do much about it and thought that it was gone forever when it snowed several inches the next day. A week later (today) I was walking around again ( this time in Converse shoes, I learned my lesson!!!) and I thought about the bottom of my boots heel and felt like I should pray (yes I'm a praying person I firmly believe in the power of prayer, especially today) anyway I was dismissive at first, but then I decided to pray. Less than 15 minuets later (I kid not) I found it!!!! Lying in the grass in a place I didn't even think to look!!!
God is real, and more importantly, He cares about us so deeply that a silly little miss ex boot heel is important to Him because it matters to us. I'll post pics later I can't get to them on my iPod but I really did find it I'm holding now, and that sucker is getting put back on my boot via superglue.

Ok now

Just a quick little up date (again) to let y'all know I'm okay. A little shaky, little grossed out, but I'm okay. I had a REALLY hard time getting out of bed this morning, but besides the point, I'm fine. I just need a long funny movie, chocolate and I'll be good as new.
That's all :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick (really quick) update on stuffs

I know it's been what 15 minuets since my last post? But I'm having a nice little freak out session, since my last post my heart (I swear, this sucker wants me to look like a liar) has jumped rope (fancy way of saying palpitated (is that even a word (oh look, there I go with the parentheses again!))) about 30 times!!!! (a few more exclamation points just to make the point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
That's NOT normal.
Since 9:10 it has 'jumped rope' nearly twice for every passing minute.
Hello, doctor? There's something wrong with me that you're not seeing. Hello, parents? Same deal.
Here's my lovely list of symptoms, just so I can get it out on paper
*Heart palpitations (frequently!!!)
*Short of breath
*A feeling like I'm out of my head (make sense? Or maybe it's just me being me in that case jk :D)
*Sick of people who tell me that there's nothing wrong with me
Look, my heart just did it again, and now I'm sure I'm going to puke. I feel so out of myself it's crazy, anyone have a rope that I can use to tie myself back to myself?
No one can pinpoint it, maybe I'm overreacting, maybe not, and EVERYONE is getting frustrated with me, and it makes me feel like a problem. I'm sorry this is happening, I didn't ASK for it, seriously.
And for the record, I DID try to Google diagnose myself (oops) it wasn't any help. I'm not old or fat enough to get anything and I'm getting this sneaky impression that I'm actually loosing weight without doing much for it, I'm too tired to exercise properly. Perfect right?
Come on people, what's up? What's wrong with me?
I know I sound angry, but I need to tell someone, and my heart never palpitates at just the right time, like at the doctor's office, after they were done with the test, it did it, go figure right?
I'm not anxious about anything (okay, I'm worried about THIS) and oh sigh, I'm blathering. Back to math :(
Yours sincerely, the extremely worried and clammy and wishing she really WAS invisible, Tayla Durham.

Oh Boy

Sorry again for my lack of a new video. :)
I've had a shaky weekend, which reasonably sucked, but it didn't stop with the weekend's end (?) Want the story? Well, here it is. All last week (everyday, frequently, I counted on Friday and it happened 19 times!!!) I've been having really weird heart palpitations (five bucks says I spelled that wrong, I can't even say it) been feeling extremely weak, short of breath and slightly nauseated. What's wrong with me? I honestly can't tell you, neither can the doctors, they SAID they'd call back yesterday ("expect a call from us tomorrow morning," exact words) but they didn't bother to call, and yet the problem still remains.
Sorry for all the parentheses, I just noticed how many are there, but I don't have the world's best attention span at this current moment (oh look, butterflies!!! Oh right, I'm typing :D) I'm not entirely sure how worried I should be. On one hand, I'm showing symptoms to some horrible diseases (never try to Google diagnose yourself, by the way) and the palpitations are happening way too much to just be nothing, but then again, nothing super serious has ever happened to me before, except launching myself off a swing and breaking my pinky in two places, that was definitely a killer, but at least I had a nice cast to whack people with. Seriously though, the doctors didn't seem overly concerned when I went on Saturday concerning this weirdo health problem. I was a shaking leaf, but they were like, "eh, whatever."
Seriously though, the problem has gotten worse. I REALLY wish that someone could find out what's wrong with me and how to stop it BEFORE I go insane from it, it's just preferable, you know, it's nice to keep your sane mind, which I'm currently lacking, lalala. ;)
Oh and whining moment, I had to have blood drawn, (don't laugh, Brianna, my friend thought I said something else when I told her about this yesterday :D) which was really tough, never had it happen before, it makes me REALLY grateful for Lindsey Stirling, her music kept me from passing out when the nurse missed the veins in my right arm and had to jab me again in the left one!!!
Yay, right, nothing like health stuff to make your day perfect.
Oh happy news though, I finally finished Entangled, 2nd book in my Twisted series. I skipped a whole lot of stuff because I didn't know what the heck was happening, but it turned out all right, I know NOW, I'm bringing back a wyvern called Steve and a wraith called Chikego (speaking in the Karkruffian language, Chikego roughly means 'willful servant.' Shoulda been 'idiot moron' for how intelligent Chikego is.) to help me out with this problem, and yes, I know, I'm blahing.
Holding my breath (actually I'm not, I can't spare anymore breath and risk getting more light headed, I'm crazy enough already!) that this health problem won't be majorly serious, and I swear, I will TRY not to diagnose myself on Google, but it's hard when you don't know what the heck is going on inside of you. :(

Friday, March 22, 2013


So yesterday I meant to post another movie, but yesterday was also a bad day for me, so it didn't happen. Sorry and oops. Oh well, it doesn't really look like anyone is watching them anyway, but I must persist. :p
Yeah, I don't really have anything to post, other than the fact that I am completely thrilled about the idea that I can switch math programs, I SUCK at math, I suck so bad, it's like a black hole. Hopefully this new math program will be easier to handle and not make me want to beat my face into a wall, that kind of and reasonably hurts.
Anyhoo, I am happy to share a new song that I found with you, it's by Christina Grimmie and I positively love it, I downloaded it after listening to it about 1 and 1/2 times and now I can't get enough of it. :)
It's, I'll just let Christina tell you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I love Wednesday. It's the middle of the week, and I can't wait until Friday when you know you have the next day to sleep in. It's nice.
Anyway, so it's scheduled. Twisted is going to be edited on April 23, which means more waiting. Sigh. I've been waiting since November of last year to get it edited, but I suppose that I can wait a bit longer, after all, the best things are worth waiting for.
But sometimes waiting can be really hard and the 23 looks so far away.
Yeah, so in case you were wondering about how the class thingy went yesterday, it was fine. I sat down and a kid named Justin came and introduced himself to me, I was reasonably shocked that he had noticed that I too, like him, existed. I'm not entirely sure why he talked to me, perhaps it was an answer to my prayers, I hope so and I hope it wasn't a one time thing, Kelly Clarkson put it perfectly "I don't want to be left behind."
And about my violin, ah, I love it. I found a song that I'm truly passionate about and my practice times went from a straggling 40 to 50 minuets to closer to an hour and a half. I'm also practicing playing with music, and it can be difficult to keep up! Oh well, I'll just keep trying (see, I CAN think positively) yeah, so I'm thrilled about that. Reasonably.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So just kidding, I didn't have that class yesterday (my bad) it's today. Yippie. Just thought I'd write up and say how overly anxious I am to go get tortured. Weee, who doesn't love a good hour and a half worth of getting ignored or having snotty looks sent in your direction? I sure don't!
I know, I know a real negative thought, I am trying to think positively, but the last time I did that (start of this year) it practically went down the toilet with an atomic flush when the first class sucked so bad I felt like I had drowned in toilet water.
Fun right?
Yeah, so I sent the email to the editor telling her that I've got my book formatted and I'm just waiting for a reply, quite anxiously, and biting my very short nails (I used to keep them long, and then I started playing the violin long nails and violin strings do not mix) every time the ring tone goes off telling me that I have mail, I get all excited, only to learn that it's not from the editor. I want my 2 years of hard work to pay off! So yes, I'm excited to have my book edited, plus I like reading about what people thought of my book, makes me feel really proud of my characters, they just grow up so fast, one moment they're static little things that come to life on your page, the next dynamic characters out to change the world, it's just so *sniff* heartwarming. :')

Monday, March 18, 2013

Panting towards the finish line

I never realized how much work it would be to get a book ready for editing. I'm trying to send it in this week, but there is quite a lot to double check, especially if your book is 473 pages long with about 46 chapters. It's a real pain in the neck! Especially since I have to search the entire thing for before/after spacing and I don't know how to do that with the 'find' option, (I swear that thing has become my best friend.)
Yeah, so on top of that, I'm doing okay. Kind of sad because Lindsey Stirling is coming to my state to perform, and I can't see her because she's performing in a club of some sorts and I won't put myself into that kind of environment. :( Hopefully she'll come back and perform in a place where I can, so for now, I'll buy a t-shirt of hers and support her like that. :)
I love her music. FYI, especially, Zi-Zi's Journey, I like the echoed voice in the background of that song. :)
Oh, and the problem with my class in school? Well, I switched it to B days and I am praying with my fingers crossed that there will be SOMEONE reasonable in that class and that I don't get stuck with a freshman as my partner again (don't mean to offend, I've just left a horrible freshman partner who spent most of the time talking to his idiot buddy (pardon my French) rather than working with me like he should have been) and I'm sick of that kind of behavior. Come on people, act like your age, we're not in grade school anymore.
You'd think by now people would get that, but they don't and I've been suffering through 17 years worth of it.
Whatever, not worth getting all hissy about, but I'll probably be whining about this tomorrow or on Wednesday if the class goes badly (as I'm predicting it probably will, lack of faith on my part? Completely, I feel dried out from all these horrible social failures that make me happy that most of my friends are fictional and I get to decide what they do) look I'm whining already :)
Oh well, carpe diem, mates.
I hope your Monday goes better than mine is starting, but I did have chocolate for breakfast, (chocolate Chex! Yum!) so I'm just waiting for that sugar to kick in and I'll be fine.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Ever woken up in a bad mood. I mean a legit bad mood where everything is horrible? Yeah, that was me today. How did I solve this problem? Easy I went back to bed. Normally I wake up at 5:00 AM so that I can get some writing time in early in the morning when the spirits are quiet and I can enjoy the pristine sound of my ear buds without getting interrupted. But today, I got up, went eh, I'm not exercising, I'm not getting up, and so I didn't. It solved the problem, I'm in a good mood. :)
What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really, I'm just really happy today for a change. I've been kind of miserable ever since January, and now that spring has FINALLY come (hey 60 degrees is WARM compared to the 9 degrees we got once during winter) don't get me wrong, I like winter, around Christmas, but in March snowstorms and white mornings get kind of old.
Anyway, I've gotten my book nearly ready to be edited, I've written my miserable little blurb that took a lot of brain power to figure out, and I had to keep it under 100 words, and guess what? I topped at 99 words, shaving it close? Just a little.
Anyway, here it is, my miserable little blurb about my book.

"Locked up in the Nansterdome prison, the Four Kingdom’s most wanted thief, Aster the Terrible has little to look forward to. Glop for food and the only entertainment is counting mold spots. All this changes when the Nansterdome crown castle is attacked by a wraith that steals a cursed relic. Aster is whisked out of prison and thrown on a quest to steal for the king to combat the wraith. Things get twisted when Aster and his newfound rival Allie Taylor, learn that the wraith isn’t the enemy, but the one protecting the Four Kingdoms from the actual threat."
Hope you like it, it took a lot of deleting and compromising to write, but it's under 100 words, so it works, and I'm kind of proud of it, my other one sucked, and it goes over 100 words 103 :(

  "On a night in December, two months before, the Nansterdome castle was attacked by the fiend that haunts the Dreamway Mountains, the Secret Keeper. It took nothing but a single relic, a piece of black glass with glowing green veins within a copper frame. Part of the dreaded Alliancer that had been destroyed one hundred and seventy years before. To retrieve this piece of glass and stop the Secret Keeper, the king of Nansterdome creates a plan. He plans on tricking the Secret Keeper into the open by using a thief to steal the remaining relics. But the thief has other ideas."
I'm not really fond of it because it doesn't say enough about the story, or Aster the Terrible and he's my main character!!! Plus it makes the king of Nansterdome (King sorry, Wallace) look like a super hero and hate to say it (actually I don't) he's not. He's a big fat king that thinks that a healthy-sized king shows a healthy kingdom when in reality, he's fat and the rest of the kingdom is starving. (Biggest Loser candidate!)
My grandma phrased it perfectly when I showed her a picture I'd drawn of King Wallace, "He reminds me of a king, fat and lazy."
I nearly busted a lung from laughter.
Oh and final thing, my third video is published :)
Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have happy news!
I finally got to email an editor! I have been waiting for this moment for years! It's going to take some work to get my book ready to send to her, but this news makes me really happy. All my hard work finally taking me somewhere!
Now if I could just get there with my knitting (just kidding)
Oh and yesterday I learned an important lesson, I've been having trouble with appreciating my own playing on the violin because I'm not 'as good' as someone else. It doesn't matter. I'm better at playing than I was last month, or even the day before. Who cares if I'm not as good as someone else? I only want to be better than I was yesterday.
In case you're looking for an editor, she responded within 12 hours of my sending the email. I can't WAIT to work with her on my book. :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sleeping As I Write

Ever had one of those days where you can't seem to wake up no matter what you do? That's me today. I'm literally a zombie in regards to brain power (my wraiths would be highly offended to know that they're being told what to do by such a lesser being of the undead! Rebellion!) I just snored for the past forty minutes and I'm still exhausted.
Curse Benjamin Franklin and his ever so brilliant idea for a time change. I don't agree.
Oh, I'm not writing three paragraphs today, I'm too tired, and kind of grouchy, plus no one else is doing my challenge, so why bother? (Sorry, moment of discrete depression)
Oh more fun news? I get to go to the class that torments me today. Yay. I'd drop it if I could.
Sad story to go along with all my randomness in this post today, I woke up on Saturday with a throbbing leg, it still hurts today, shifting positions REALLY hurts, it's still a mystery to what I did. I'M not really sure what happened, only that it was hurting like three days before and exploded on Saturday. Either I did some injury then, or I slept so violently, I broke something. Huh, never heard of that one before, almost as stupid as me hurting my knee just by sitting down.

Friday, March 8, 2013

2nd Movie Out

I got my second movie out, yay here it is with the fifteen story starters I talked about. I'm going to do the challenge too, but not today. I'll probably post my three paragraphs on Monday. Yay :)
Don't I just look lovely in it?

The hooks talked about in the video are below

Just as a note, your hook can be more than a sentence. It should at least make your reader think. These are also listed on my blog. Feel free to make up your own or manipulate them to your own desire, (just keep it clean, I won’t read it if it’s naughtyL)

For an even bigger challenge you can use more than one, OR you can find a way to combine a few. Yeah, look at you go. You’re writing, pat yourself on the back, your parents or spouse must be so proud of you. J

Oh and a final thing that I forgot to mention, your hook should direct your reader to your main character, no “it was a windy day” seriously, that is overused (though right now it really IS a windy day) and gets kind of annoying after you read it for the millionth time. Give the wind a break.

1.      The rain fell like acid.

2.      My stomach wheeled like it was stuck upside down in a twisted cartoon.

3.      I ran down the street, too winded to even look back.

4.      The gravel crunched under the horse’s hooves.

5.      There was no one in the whole world that I hated more than Morgan Felt.

6.      The gum burned a hole through the bottom of my shoe.

7.      The ocean roared.

8.      Great, of all the horrible things to happen to me today, I had to get my hair stuck in a killer pine tree.

9.      The book smacked me in the head, causing painful stars.

10.   I was pretty sure that the wind was trying to play tornado and rip me from my sneakers.

11.   Kylie sighed. When she couldn’t cover her bald head, she sighed again.

12.  The doctor was grim, too grim. My heart pounded.

13.  Ouch! My jerk older brother slams the door right on my toe, officially putting an end to our, no doubt, heartwarming conversation.

14.  The newscaster screamed suddenly.

15.  Oh no! It was all I could think.

Fifteen hooks are enough, don’t you think? Manipulate these all you want. Change it to third person POV (point of view, if you’re not sure what this is, leave a comment below, I’ll reply as soon as I canJ) change it to past tense, to present tense. Go on. Do it.

Remember, I’m making these videos for you, not just to torture the world (hehehe) if you have questions, ASK THEM, and go start. I challenge you, that’s right. Start it.

Oh and go check out Lindsey Stirling, I can’t say it enough, she is AWESOME!!!
(yes, this is copied from my YouTube movie, but why write it again when the first one was good enough? A good rule to remember with writing, no need to be a perfectionist, something you might turn into when you start writing, I did, oops.)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This is a Title

I don't really have anything to say. I'm waiting for this week to be over so I can email the editor and get that process started. I'm like a racehorse chomping at the bit in anticipation. I have only been waiting for this since I was 12, (okay, really I've only been waiting to get Twisted edited since November, I've been waiting to get this far since I was 12) amazing what a little persistence and patience will do.
Now I just need that to get through the rest of this week. :(
Anyway, today is my violin lesson, I've been stuck on Minuet #1 for a month, exactly today. I hope I can get rid of it, but hey, in this month, I've gotten REALLY good at playing it. Yay.
Oh and little confession moment, I'm kind of turning into a LOTR nerd (don't tell my siblings!) I can't lie and say that I like the books because as of yet I can't really chomp through them, (there's just too much going on in one page) but I DO like the movies, especially the nazgul. They inspired my wraiths, and heck besides reading Fablehaven by Brandon Mull (yay his third book in Beyonders is coming out next week!!!!) I don't think I knew what a wraith was before then. Now I know too much. Oh well :)
Go Witch King!!! Kick some Frodo!
Mordor! Mordor! Mordor!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Brain Strain

So, for the past 2 months I've been working on a book that doesn't want to be finished. I thought I was getting REALLY far, until, I crashed, and my brain no longer has any creative juices left to milk from.
It's like trying to milk lemon juice from a brick. Kinda painful.
It makes me want to do this really,
(copied from the Word program, the picture is NOT mine, its rights still belong to its owner)
Anyway, so here's my solution.
I'm not going to write it anymore.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm not writing it anymore.
This is a simple technique I like to call, "run away before your brain blows up."
I'm not quitting, oh no, I'm just going to go work on another project BEFORE my head blows. I mean, I'm already nuts enough, (as seen by my latest video) why should I risk anymore craziness? Yeah, so I'm going to let this book sit for a month and then come back to it in April when I've gotten all done with writing another book. Hopefully my sudden streak of being unable to finish a book will NOT continue. I'm sick of starting and never finishing, (see picture above)
Oh and for the record, I'm REALLY happy that the weather is warmer, if you can consider 31 degrees warm, but it at least LOOKS warm, and that's all that counts :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Movie

Guess what?
I made my first movie on how to write a book!!! Yay! The crowd goes wild. I won't say much, just watch it, you'll get more out of it. :) Yeah, I went kind of nuts with the movie program I used (Serif Movie Plus) but it was a lot of fun, who doesn't like watching themselves talk in slow motion?
Anyway, stay tuned, I'll be posting the second video next week :) it's on how to start and then organize your book.
Thanks for watching it. I know. I'm a nut. But it sure makes for some interesting books. :)