Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Story of Me

I was once a man like you

I did what the living tend to

I had breath, a beating heart

Until all light left, and life did depart

I became bound to an icy plain.

A Winter Soul wracked with pain.


I am no longer a man like you

I do what the undead tend to

I have no breath, or heart to beat

You enjoy light, it’s the darkness I greet

I am blind, left in the cold to wander

A taunted shadow, a deadened monster.


Men run in terror as they should

They see only darkness in my hood

I am more than what eyes will view

It a truth that I have told to few

This story is not pretty, I never meant it to be

I am the Secret Keeper. This is the story of me


  1. That's beautiful and amazing! Are you going to open your book with it? Or maybe close the book with it?

    1. I was thinking that it would be on the back cover, I have a different poem I'm going to open the book with. :) I'm glad you liked it.