Monday, January 20, 2014

Going Nowhere

You know how you have days where it seems that nothing can go wrong? Obviously life will take a turn for the opposite.

For every step I take
Two more are trod backwards
Going nowhere
Person, "How are you today, Tayla?"
Me, "Oh I'm just tired."
Tired of walking and going nowhere, tired of trying and having nothing happens. Tired of waking up to go through the same thing everyday. Tired of waiting with no end in sight. Tired of watching other people succeed as I walk on my lonely broken street. Tired of not being important enough. Tired of screaming and not being heard.
I'm just tired.
Thanks for asking.


  1. Just hang in there. You'll make it through this hard time. I know you will.

    1. I hope I will. It's becoming difficult. Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped inside my own head.