Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Journey

Ere the wind blows

There my heart goes

One with the wild storm

Treading where the blizzards swarm

Here are trails I have endlessly tread

Walking among the nameless dead


It is a path I must take

Walking without a single break

I began this path to walk away

Running from my safe bay

Walking where the storms wail

A captain without a ship or sail


The snow whirls without relief

Capturing my endless grief

What would I have been had I halted

Before all breath had departed?

No! It is a question I must not ask

In the winter storm I will bask


I became a monster to walk away

I am safe in winter, I will stay

A path of endless winter, endless snow

It is all my winter soul will know

It is the path my eyes cannot see

A blind wanderer on an endless journey


  1. That's beautiful Kristen! Are you going to use it in your book?

    1. Yep, I'm adding a lot of poetry into my books now. I like the way it looks, kind of like what Tolkien did. :)

    2. That's so fun! I can't wait to read it again--it sounds like it's pretty different this go round. :)

    3. It is. I've changed pretty much everything. :)

  2. Hey guys! I made a new a new blog because I can't log into my old Gmail account (no tears here!) so yeah. Check out my new blog which has no name (yet!)

    1. Maybe it's just because I'm inept at this, but I can't find your new blog. Can you give me a link? I was wondering why you took such a long break from this blog. I'm glad it's for a happy reason. :)

  3. A word from the author; there is no "Twisted Series" it's S.O.T.S. now. Yay. :)